DMG Logistics, Inc. (DMGL) was founded and organized to provide integrated air and ocean forwarding and brokerage services to our multi-national and domestic import and export customers.

DMGL ownership, management and staff have extensive experience in the forwarding and brokerage business with a well deserved reputation for providing superior customer service.

In an ongoing effort to streamline the customs clearance process, we have centralized the processing of all shipments arriving at any customs port within the contiguous U.S.

Our customers now need to contact only one location for shipment status, sending documents to one central location.

DMGL recognized all factors in international trading transactions must be coordinated in collaboration with all supply chain partners if goods are to reach their ultimate destination in a secure timely and cost effective manner.

DMGL has developed a comprehensive network of overseas agents who represents the interest of the company in countries world wide.  The agents were selected on the basis of their expertise in international logistics for their reputation in the forwarding community as well as their financial strength and stability.